WLGA launches manifesto for Senedd 2021 elections

Monday, 23 November 2020

In advance of the Senedd elections in May 2021, the WLGA is launching a bold manifesto setting out its priorities to deliver more for our local communities.

The WLGA is the representative body of Wales’ 22 councils, and leaders have set out how the next Welsh Government and the Senedd can empower local authorities to reinvigorate and rebuild public services, communities and the economy post COVID-19.

Local government is calling on the future Senedd and Welsh Government to invest in local services, trust in local leadership and encourage local solutions to help deliver national priorities.


A focus on preventative services, with greater flexibility to respond to local needs can empower councils to:

  • promote well-being and encourage healthy, sustainable and vibrant communities
  • improve outcomes for children and young people and learners
  • deliver good quality and sustainable social care services for the future
  • create good quality homes and safer communities for people to live and work, and
  • support sustainable, inclusive growth and a green post-COVID recovery


Councillor Andrew Morgan (Rhondda Cynon Taf), WLGA Leader said:

“The WLGA has published its ‘Manifesto for Localism’ ahead of the Senedd elections. Leaders and councillors have already helped shape party policy and influence emerging manifestos, but the Manifesto for Localism reiterates and summarises the WLGA’s core priorities and its promotion of the principle of subsidiarity.”

“Councils are the glue that binds our communities. They do remarkable work in delivering homes and supporting families, protecting and caring for the vulnerable, educating and skilling the workforce, and looking after our precious environment. With the necessary freedoms, flexibilities and resources, councils can do even more to create thriving and resilient communities.

“This year more than ever, we have seen the best of local government. Throughout the response to the crisis, communities have instinctively looked to their councils for guidance, support, and leadership. Councils’ role will be even more vital to help to rebuild our hard-hit communities.

“As the body which represents all 22 councils in Wales, the WLGA firmly believes in localism: that public services are best provided within a democratic framework of local accountability. Local councils are best placed to deliver on the elected Welsh Government’s national priorities, by working together in partnership.”



Click here for Senedd 2021: A Manifesto for Localism



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