Our Goal

Safe, secure and confident local communities

Community Safety & Fire and Rescue

"Fairly funded local public services have a huge role to play in creating confident and secure communities in Wales"

Community safety is a priority concern for many people in Wales, and the public services delivered by local councils will directly influence how safe people feel in their local area.


While core council services like education, environment and housing all help to improve community safety, local councils also have a statutory duty to have a Community Safety Partnership in place.


Involving councils and the police, as well as fire and rescue, health boards and probation services, these partnerships work to offer an effective multi-agency approach.


Together they tackle key community safety priorities such as substance misuse, domestic abuse and anti-social behaviour at a local, regional and national level.


With Wales being one of the first parts of the UK where every local council has signed an Armed Forces Covenant we also work closely with our Armed Forces community, including a national programme of support for service children in education. 


As community safety concerns continue to evolve, we are also working with councils and communities to shape localised responses to global issues such as counter terrorism.


We believe Wales’ public services are at their most effective when shaped by local community priorities and delivered at a local level.


We work with Wales’ Community Safety Partnerships, and a wide range of national partners to ensure local government delivers on the community safety issues people feel most strongly about.


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