Our Goal

Sustainable funding for preventative local services

Culture, Heritage, Sport and Tourism

"Refocussing investment into local leisure and cultural services will have a huge impact on community well-being in Wales"

Now is the time to invest in the wide range of preventative services delivered by local government in Wales.


Whether it’s managing local libraries, museums and cultural services, encouraging physical activity through sport and leisure opportunities, promoting tourism or protecting our historic environment, local councils play a lead role in improving community well-being for both current and future generations.


They do so against a challenging backdrop. One that has seen many non-statutory services experiencing budget reductions of up to 50%, at a time when public demand for these services is on the rise.


Despite these challenges, councils in Wales continue to deliver for local residents and communities, and are leading the way in developing new service models and new ways of doing business.


As outlined in our ‘Localism 2016’ vision, there is an urgent need to empower local councils further by investing in these much loved services, which make such a vital contribution to bringing communities together while alleviating growing pressures in other key areas, like the NHS.


Refocussing Wales’ existing resources on supporting local cultural, leisure and heritage services will help protect the services our communities feel most strongly about, services which help tackle poverty and improve physical and mental well-being as part of Wales’ preventative healthcare agenda.


Working in close partnership with Welsh Government, and with other key partners in both Sport Wales and the Arts Council for Wales, we collectively aim to ensure the true value of local public services is realised for the benefit of communities in Wales.


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