Our Goal

Services shaped by current and future community need

Well-Being of Future Generations

"Local government is leading the way on future proofing local public services"

Meeting the needs of the present, while protecting the needs of the future. The Well-Being of Future Generations Act makes this a statutory duty for every council in Wales.


The Act applies to all areas of local government activity (current and future) and has required significant changes to our processes and our behaviours.


The requirement for councils to take a longer-term view in their decision making, to consider the social, economic, environmental, and cultural impact of our actions on future generations.


Planning the longer term is complex and will be difficult when faced with the more immediate pressures of the recovery and transition from the Covid pandemic, EU exit, decarbonisation and climate change, in the context of reduced budgets and a growing demand for services.


The Act itself offers a framework which provides councils with the freedom to shape their objectives and services around the local community needs in these challenging times.


We aim to support and ensure that our local councils continue to deliver local public services that meet the needs of their communities, without compromising the needs of future generations.



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