Climate Change Support Programme for Welsh Councils

The WLGA has been successful in a bid for funding from the Welsh Government to provide a Climate Change Support Programme for councils.


The aims of the programme will be to support Welsh councils collectively in preparing for a net zero public sector in Wales by 2030.


It aims to do this by;


  • helping all councils in Wales to develop effective, evidence-based decarbonisation action plans, commissioning research and tools to provide data and guidance to support this;
  • facilitating collaborative, two-way communication between councils and Welsh and UK Governments, and the wider public and third sector, and;
  • highlighting opportunities to work at scale and support training and information sharing.


Information about the activities under our Climate Change Support Programme and the associated resources will be available on this webpage. The business plan is an evolving document but copies are available on request.

For further information contact: Tim Peppin


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