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Head of Workforce Partnership Council Joint Secretariat 

Closing Date: 29th June 2018


The Workforce Partnership Council (WPC) is a tripartite social partnership structure of the Trade Unions/Employers/Welsh Government covering the devolved public services in Wales.  Social partnership in Wales is a way of working, a set of behaviours which all partners commit to uphold in supporting our dedicated public service workforce to deliver strong, effective public services. It forms part of the overarching social partnership approach adopted in Wales. 

The WPC operates in equal partnership between Welsh Government, Employers and Trade Unions – respecting the sovereignty and decision making structure of each partner.  The sovereignty, decision making and accountability arrangements differ between the 3 partners and within the partners.

Following a recent review of the WPC, a Joint Executive Committee (JEC) has been set-up.  Its purpose is to facilitate the work of the WPC, in consultation with representative bodies. The JEC is accountable to the WPC and will be supported by a Joint Secretariat.

Posted by Jenna Redfern 06 June 2018 09:13:00

Highways Special Project Support Officer  

Closing Date: 1st July 2018

To support the Special Project Officer in national project involving gathering and analysing data and information on unadopted roads and associated assets – including lenghts/ quantities and the cost of any works required. This will involve enagament across all local authroities in Wales to gather the relevant technical data and information and collate it to provide an all-Wales picture.

Posted by Jenna Redfern 05 June 2018 12:27:00

Highways Special Project Officer  

Closing Date: 24 June 2018

To lead a national multi-agency task force to investigate the issue of unadopted roads and associated assets across Wales. To ensure necessary data and information are gathered and analysed to understand the extent of the issue. To develop a strategic response and consider options for preventing problems arising in future. Based on this work, to produce a report with recommendations that can be used to influence resource allocation decisions.

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