Healthy Eating in Schools

What are the Healthy Eating in Schools regulations?

The Healthy Eating in Schools Regulations 2013 replace the previous Appetite for Life implementation guidelines. They set out the type of food and drink that can and can not be provided in local authority maintained schools and sets out nutritional standards for school lunches.

The Healthy Eating in Schools Regulations 2013 are part of the wider Healthy Eating in Schools Measure 2009. The Measure places a legal requirement on local authorities and governing bodies to promote healthy eating and drinking by pupils in maintained schools throughout Wales.

Why is healthy eating in schools important?

There has been long-standing concern about the number of children who are overweight or obese and the impact this has on health and wellbeing, especially in relation to reducing healthy inequalities. Poor diet is a major contributing factor. The food and drink provided in schools can make a positive contribution towards giving children and young people a healthy balanced diet and encouraging them to develop good eating habits. The aim is to achieve a whole school approach towards healthy eating and to encourage healthy attitudes to food and drink at an early age.

Who is the Food in Schools Coordinator?

The WLGA is hosting a national Food in Schools Coordinator in partnership with the Welsh Government. The main role of the Food in Schools Coordinator is to build strong working partnerships with local authority caterers, schools and other key stakeholders to support them improve and promote school food. This work also encompasses overseeing of nutritional analysis software used by caterers to analyse food and drink served and sold in school.

Where can I find more information?

If you would like more information about Healthy Eating in Schools please see the Guidance document on the Welsh Government website or contact Gareth Thomas at the WLGA. You can find out more information about how Healthy Eating in Schools is implemented in your local area by contacting your local authority catering team.

Link: Healthy eating in maintained schools: Statutory guidance for local authorities and governing bodies



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