Outcomes Based Home Care Commissioning Toolkit

Supporting the development of outcome-based practice in Commissioning and Home Care across Wales

“People in Wales working together to promote well-being through care and support at home.”

Welcome to the Home Care Toolkit. The development of the Home Care Toolkit was commissioned by the National Commissioning Board for Wales, working in partnership with the National Provider Forum. Its purpose is to facilitate the development of an outcomes focused to the commissioning and provision of home care services.

The toolkit is very much a draft and will be subject to significant amendments. The purpose of putting it on this website at this stage is to use the website as a vehicle to facilitate conversation with stakeholders in relation to the required amendments. Once these amendments are completed the toolkit will be translated into Welsh. This work should be completed by December 2017.

To view the Home Care Toolkit: Open link here

  • The Introduction to the purpose and context of the Outcomes Based Home Care Commissioning Toolkit
  • Tool 1: Basic concepts in home care and reablement
  • Tool 2: Home care and wider relationships
  • Tool 3: An introduction to commissioning for outcomes in social care
  • Tool 4: Market analysis
  • Tool 5: A Guide to step change commissioning of outcomes-based home care
  • Tool 6: Home Care Commissioning for Outcomes Toolkit – Further Resources List
  • Tool 7: A checklist of different procurement approaches
  • Tool 8: Outcomes-based home care specifications
  • Tool 9: Using the Outcomes Star™ in outcomes-based home care service
  • Tool 10: Outcomes-based home care – contract contents
  • Tool 11: Outcomes-based procurement template
  • Tool 12: Understanding inputs, outputs and outcomes and how they relate to each other
  • Tool 13: Quality Assurance Framework
  • Tool 14: Workforce Analysis Framework
  • Tool 15: Interactive outcome based commissioning technology for health and social care
  • Tool 16: Risk Management
  • Tool 17: Outcomes-based home care service commissioning – simple guide
  • Tool 18: A Change Management Plan
  • Tool 19: An Engagement & Communication Checklist
  • Tool 20: Framework for Reviewing Commissioning Systems
  • Tool 21: Supporting Systems to operate on an outcomes basis
  • Tool 22: A design tool to shape systems to support outcomes

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