WLGA Audit Committee

The WLGA Council appoint the Chair and Members of the Audit Committee reports to the Executive Board of the Association.  The Audit Committee comprises at least 5 members and its roles and responsibilities are set out in paragraph 11 of the WLGA Constitution. 


In March 2017 the WLGA Council agreed to a change in the Constitution of the WLGA which resulted in a separation of the functions of the former WLGA Management and Audit Sub Committee and reconstitution as the WLGA Management Sub-Committee, and a separate and new Audit Committee. 


For meetings of the WLGA Management and Audit Sub Committee, please open link here

Cllr Linda Evans (Chair) Carmarthenshire County Council Plaid Cymru

Cllr Anthony Hunt

Torfaen County Borough Council Labour
Cllr Bernie Attridge Flintshire County Council Independent
Cllr Eluned Stenner  Caerphilly County Borough Council  Labour
Cllr Maureen Webber Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council Labour
Substitute- Cllr Jason McLellen (substitute for Cllr Anthony Hunt) Denbighshire County Council  Labour



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