Local authorities are transport, highway, street-works and traffic authorities. ‘Transport’ encompasses highways construction and maintenance, maintenance of bridges and structures, road safety, public transport, active travel  (walking and cycling), community transport, transport planning, traffic management, managing congestion and coordination of utilities works (this is not an exhaustive list).

Local authorities are responsible for 32,000km of roads in Wales. This amounts to 95% of the total road network as the Welsh Government is responsible for the Trunk and Motorway Network.

To achieve the aspirations set out in legislation Councils have to work in partnership with transport operators – bus and rail, the construction sector, planning, utilities, transport groups and especially with each other.

Local authorities currently manage the Bus Services Support Grant and Concessionary Fares Scheme which offer support to bus operators and continue to work with operators, Welsh Government, Community Transport Association and other stakeholders to provide a bus network which supports the social and economic wellbeing of communities throughout Wales.

The Active Travel (Wales) Act 2013 places new duties on local government in relation to the provision of active travel routes and promotion of active travel.  Local authorities and Welsh Government are working together to take forward their respective duties under this Act.

Unadopted roads in Wales - report to the Minister for Economy and Transport 

Review of issues with private roads and recommendations about how to deal with them. Read more here


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