WLGA Improvement Programme

The overarching objective of the programme for 2023-24 is ‘further developing enabling support around public engagement, participation and data and digital capabilities to ensure all councils engage and involve their citizens who have confidence in their performance’.


The WLGA’s Improvement Programme 2023-24 builds on the work undertaken over the last two years of the programme and has been informed by engagement with councils, findings from Audit Wales and Regulator reports, engagement with Welsh Government, and councils self-assessment improvement priorities, which highlighted the following collective corporate themes:

  • Equalities
  • Scrutiny
  • Data Culture
  • Risk Management
  • Public Engagement and Participation
  • Organisational Culture and Community Resilience
  • Workforce Planning
  • Managing Demand and Capacity


The WLGA’s Improvement Programme has been endorsed by leaders and supported by chief executives.


The improvement programme during 2023-24 comprises of two elements:


  1. universal offer available to all councils – focused on building strong corporate capacity and capability with councils under four interdependent priorities:
  1. targeted offer for those councils who need more intensive and dedicated support to address emerging corporate threats.

For further information about any of the support, please contact the WLGA Improvement Team:






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