NERS Low Back Pain Intervention

The NERS Low Back Pain Intervention provides an opportunity for patients to attend a group exercise programme based on best practice and designed to improve mobility and reduce symptoms of back pain. The programme is led by qualified Specialist Back Care Instructors.

The scheme is:

  • based on best practice from the UK and operates to National Standards
  • targeted at clients who present with mild /moderate central back pain to their GP and/or for clients with more complex conditions who will be referred following physiotherapy intervention

The scheme has been supported by the Welsh Government, Welsh Local Government Association, Fitness Wales, Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, Local Authorities, Public Health Wales and Local Health Boards.

Principal aims of the scheme:

  1. To offer a systematic and safety controlled system of referral to NERS Low Back Pain Intervention
  2. To offer a systematic and safety controlled system of referral to suitable independent exercise
  3. To provide safe and effective activity suitable for clients needs
  4. To increase the patients strength, balance and co-ordination
  5. To increase the patients functional ability
  6. To increase the patients confidence
  7. To increase the patients mental health and well being
  8. To decrease the patients social isolation
  9. To increase the patients long term adherence to physical activity

Quality Standards:

  • The scheme represents best practice and meets with current National guidelines
  • All exercise professionals operating the scheme are trained to NVQ Level 3 have a qualification that meets occupational standard D449 working with referred patients, a Specialist back care Instructor qualification – Level 4 which is endorsed by Skills Active; and attended an additional practical workshop to develop skills for delivery of a group based spinal exercise class 
  • All exercise professionals are suitably insured and registered with the Register of exercise Professionals (REP’s)

For more information contact: Jeannie Wyatt Williams


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