Performance Improvement Framework

Self and sector led improvement remains a central feature of the Wales Programme for Improvement. Local government therefore collects, compares and publishes its own set of performance indicators alongside the Welsh Government’s national set of performance indicators.

The Performance Improvement Framework focuses on three distinct areas:

  1. National Strategic Indicators (NSIs): statutory indicators set by Welsh Ministers
  2. Public Accountability Measures (PAMs): local authority owned measures designed to contribute to public accountability; and
  3. Service Improvement Data (SIDs): meaningful datasets for use by services and their regulators to support service improvement.

The Public Accountability Measures (PAMs) consist of a small set of ‘outcome focussed’ indicators. They reflect those aspects of work which local authorities agree are considered to be important in terms of public accountability. For example, recycling, educational attainment, sustainable development, etc. This information will be required and reported nationally, validated, and published annually.

The Service Improvement Data (SIDs) are used by local authority services and their regulators as they plan, deliver and improve services. For example, generic data such as population estimates and projections, employment rates, and service specific data such as unit costs, resources, service throughput rates etc. may appear in this set in due course. The make-up of this data set will be defined by local authorities according to need and value, collated centrally and shared within the local government community to support service improvement.

Whilst the 44 NSIs and PAMs are used specifically for public accountability purposes, the SIDs and other local performance indicators is used by 27 benchmarking clubs, which cover services from planning to children’s services, run by service managers to help manage and drive improvements in their services. The benchmarking clubs are coordinated through the Data Unit’s online Benchmarking Hub.

The NSIs and PAMs are available via My Local Council, which allows members of the public, councillors, officers and partners to view and compare council performance over time and with other councils.

Links: Local Government Performance 2014-15 / 2016-17 Public Accountability Measure Guidance

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